Some unanswerable questions…..

Life is an unanswered question, but let’s still believe in the dignity and importance of the question …… – Tennessee Williams

Hello friends

I have written few blogs and most of you dont know much about me. I have lived a very simple life. The most part of it is not complex. But i have always been a good listener and so i know many stories which i will keep sharing with you. Stories that are full of love and stories that are full of arrogance, full of feminism, full of patriarchy. I have tried to learn and grow through them. I learned to be empathetic and moreover learned to be a good human being.

So last night after months of living in corona fear, i stepped out and been to a restaurant for some ‘my time’. I had almost finished my meal when i saw a girl in her mid thirties who was sitting at the bar counter with her drink which was quite near to my table. It was dark and loud inside but i made out that She was anxious about something. Though it was not my business to comfort her but me being me went to her and asked her if she was ok. She left the counter and stepped outside to the portico in front where it was quiet and pleasant. I followed her and we had our last drink together when she told me that she had a rough day at work. Few things happened that weren’t in her favour so she was upset. In her conversation she was continuously asking that why this happened to her or why someone behaved in some manner. Why? What different she could have done to save that bad day?

And while talking to her a big question mark strikes to my mind and i realise that there are also many question in my mind for which i am looking for answers too.

Everyone’s life is full of what if and what else and what not.

What will be my life if i marry this person? How will be my future if i opt a particular career? Why that person is rude to me? How my new job will be for me? Why somethings even exist? Why am i feeling this way? Why this happened to me only?

These questions are like a meaningful mess which makes us overthink and overthinking is not bad always.

“Someone who overthinks is also someone who overloves”.

Some questions are easy to get answers to. We have databases available. We search on google and get our answers. For some questions we go to our friend or our mentor or may be a therapist. Some questions are scientific in nature for which scientists are looking for answers too.

The discomfort of not knowing gives us an aching tension . But The depth and complexity of these unanswered questions makes our life more interesting. And as we unveil the next chapter of our life they help us imagine and create different situations. Sometimes the answers do not even exist and with new discoveries in our life, situations changes. Our life is like a running experiment, awaiting the revelation of new discoveries. The only certainty is uncertainty.

These questions are valuable as they force us to rethink the way we make decisions and make choices. They are our companions for life.

But thinking about something in endless circle is exhausting. The key to happiness is letting each situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be.

There is no right or wrong. Everything has the other side and there is no end to it so don’t keep linger on that.

Honestly, i believe that some questions are better left unanswered.

And while coming out of the restaurant i saw a frame which was at the entrance wall and which says What? Why? Where? Don’t think much. Just enjoy the music. And that brought smile on my face.

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